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Foshan Meishi Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and manufacture of pulp molding products and automated production lines, and customizes various automation equipment for customers.. It has two bases, Foshan Factory (Marketing, Service) and Yunnan Factory (production, R&D).With an experienced and highly skilled technical team for the entire line of design, manufacturing and integration, we focus on providing complete solutions for pulp moulding products.

Meishi Machinery has invested a large amount of capital, and is a fully automated production line developed by a core team of design engineers, process engineers, machining engineers, assembly engineers and commissioning engineers with more than 10 years of experience. The output is high, the speed is fast, and the yield is high. The operation is stable, the maintenance cost is low, and the quality of the produced products reaches the most advanced level in the world.

Meishi Machinery is the first rotary molding hot press machine , the first electric servo hot press machine, and the first robot application company in the plant fiber pulp molding industry.

Three major products
1) Pulp molded products and equipment. Disposable paper tableware, industrial packaging paper tray (food fruit, egg tray, wine paper tray, electronic paper tray, medical product paper tray, etc.). Technology-leading pulp and paper products production line service provider; the company's new high-speed rotary thermoforming machine is one of the fastest single machine. A hot press molding machine. (Mainly made into fine packaging, applied in electronic and cosmetic packaging, it is one of the highest precision and the smallest angle equipment).
Product series: Disposable paper tableware, industrial packaging paper tray,Fully automatic forming - hot pressing - trimming - inspection - packaging production line,Fully automatic 6-station rotary forming hot press machine, fully automatic servo forming hot press machine, fully automatic 3-station linear forming hot press machine, fully automatic single station forming hot press machine. Indusrial package double-station automatic forming machine, industrial package hot press  machine with automatic take out  product. Fiber molding Pulp products proofing equipment (small pulping-forming-hot pressing machine). Disposable environmental protection straw tableware equipment, CNC ring cutting machine, Full servo  forming machine.

2) Design and production of PET bottle blowing machine, weighing filling machine, mold. Food, beverage, bottled water, edible oil and other filling and packaging equipment;

3) Customization equipment.