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The 3rd Pulp Molding Industry Summit Forum

Release time:2020-09-17
Sponsor, undertaker, co-organizer
1. Organizer: China Packaging Federation Electronics Industry Packaging Technology Committee
Packing Tribe
2. Organizer:BST, Foshan Besure Technology Co., Ltd.
3. Co-organizer: HGHY, HGHY Technology Co., Ltd.
Jiangmen Zhixin Packing Material Co., Ltd.

2 Forum time, place, traffic
1. Forum time
September 25, 2020: Representative registration and check-in;
September 26, 2020: Opening Ceremony, Forum Special Report, Special Project, Dinner;
September 27, 2020: Forum invited lectures, special projects, visits to BST ,Besure Technical  Factory, and dinner;
2. Forum locations
Grand Hotel Nanhai Foshan No.55 Boai Middle Road, Shishan Town, Nanhai, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
3. Forum traffic
Refer to traffic route information
(1) Guangzhou Baiyun Airport-Shishan (hotel terminal) directly to the hotel lobby.
At Baiyun Airport, you can take the airport bus to Shishan (hotel terminal), and the airport goes directly to the hotel lobby.
(2) The high-speed railway station near the hotel-Foshan West Railway Station (10 minutes by taxi to the hotel)
If there is no direct connection, you can take the Guangzhou South Railway Station and transfer to Foshan West Railway Station.

Foshan Meishi Machinery Co., Ltd.-Plant fiber straw pulp molding equipment supplier.We wish the forum a complete success!