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suggestions for building a new pulp molding factories:

Release time:2020-11-26
According to the latest report, the global pulp molding market continues to grow. The growth of this market can be attributed to the growing demand for sustainable disposable products, especially in the food  and electronics industries. More and more funds are entering the pulp molding industry.
As a professional pulp molding equipment service provider, we give our customers the following suggestions for building new factories:
1. No need to purchase production equipment from abroad.
2. Large-scale automatic production lines should not be used for the production of pulp mold industrial product packaging
3. It is more suitable between small automatic production line and semi-automatic production line
4. To build a pulp mold industrial product packaging factory, the mold  department should be placed in an important position
5. To build a factory, choose a locations and determine the appropriate scale
6.  Must pay attention to the training of personnel
7.  Must pay attention to the control of operating costs.