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IPFM Shanghai 2021 grand sail! Help the hundreds of billions of plant fiber molding industry take off

Release time:2020-12-30
The packaging tribe + Meishi Media Group joined forces to speak out for the industry and explore unlimited application business opportunities. Co-founded the 2021 Shanghai International Plant Fiber Molding Industry Exhibition (IPFM Shanghai 2021), which will be held on August 12-14, 2021 , Held in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

IPFM Shanghai 2021 is committed to becoming an international professional exhibition that empowers the entire industrial chain of plant fiber molding. In the context of the global ban on plastics, we will build a platform for the plant fiber molding industry to show innovative alternatives to the ban on plastics, demonstrating infinite potential for environmental protection. At the same time, IPFM Shanghai 2021 will create application scenarioses for the plant fiber molding industry in various industries, and explore business opportunities for buyers across the globe, involving food delivery, electronic appliances, daily cosmetics, luxury goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, agricultural products, industrial products, and medical care. Sanitation, e-commerce express logistics, building materials and household, gardening pets, cultural and creative toys, etc.

The plant fiber molding industry at home and abroad continues to develop at a high level, and is about to enter the era of intelligence, superimposed on the global wave of plastic bans. Food delivery, luxury goods, cosmetics, and electronic appliances have partially switched to plant fiber molded products. Usher in the explosion period of the 100 billion dollar market!

IPFM Shanghai 2021 will hold the Fifth Pulp Molding Green Development Summit Forum at the same time, open up a design force plant fiber molding innovation hall, and create a multi-dimensional value platform for plant fiber molding industry development + application.

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