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Release time:2016-05-31
  • Pulp modeling product and equipment, Disposable paper tableware, paper pulp production line,Pulp modeling products and equipment, Disposable paper tableware, paper pulp, paper tray,pulp molding tray,industaril packaging,pulp molding machine, all electric servo hot press machine,servo thermoforming machine,Fully automatic forming - hot pressing - trimming - inspection - packaging production line
  • Tableware all in one machine, Industrial packaging machine, forming machine, hot-press machine, trimming machine, counting stacker. Industrial packaging pulp tray hot pressing  machine for automatically placing and taking products. pulp sample system (small pulping-forming-hot pressing machine). Disposable environmental protection straw tableware equipmentCNC ring cutting machine, Full servo  forming machine.
  • PET blow molding machine, filling machine and packaging line ,mold
  • Food, drinks, bottled water, edible oil, the entire line equipment
  • Automation equipment design, production, transformation.Customization equipment.