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Several concerns and suggestions in the pulp molding industry

Release time:2021-04-28
I was fortunate to be invited by the packaging tribe to write a few concerns and suggestions on the current pulp molding industry. I have considered for a long time, the pulp molding industry has gathered big leaders and experts, and dare not pretend to be ignorant. As a small category of pulp molding, I will combine My personal experience of these years of work is the title of how to do a good job in the egg tray business. Combining with the current status of the industry, I will explain my personal opinion, which will be helpful to new entrants and newcomers who want to invest in pulp molded egg trays.

The first point: raw materials are the primary factor in determining the quality of egg trays. Why do you say that? No matter what type of machinery and equipment you choose, a skilled master, if you don’t have good raw materials, you will definitely not be able to produce good quality. For egg trays, white cardboard should be used to produce high-quality dyed egg trays, such as pure fiber white cardboard such as medicine boxes and cigarette boxes. Putuo yellow generally uses gray cardboard, such as color boxes for packaging, if there is no color Where required, you can choose corrugated boxes with relatively strong fibers. In short, these raw materials have relatively high fiber purity and less impurities to make egg trays with appropriate softness and hardness. If the quality of the egg tray is poor, it is easy to regain moisture and other issues, the first thing everyone considers is the problem of raw material paper. The second point: The quality control of the production process is very important. The production process of egg trays includes: raw material procurement-pulping and refining-mixing-pulp supply-forming dehydration-drying-conveying-shaping and packaging-storage and transportation In the series of links, every detail should not be sloppy, and someone must be responsible for the quality of every link at all times. Choose raw materials suitable for the production of egg trays, make efforts to dissolve the pulp in the pulping process, mix the pulp evenly, and add a moderate proportion of auxiliary materials. The quality of the auxiliary materials added must be controlled. For example, everyone often ignores the stone powder mesh number, which is easy to cause problems. It is necessary to waste. Many bosses do not compare the content of basic dyes and only ask for some small details such as dye prices. This will directly affect the quality of the egg tray and cost control. During the production and molding process of egg trays, the storage and flow of pulp in the beating system and the molding structure and performance of the egg tray equipment affect the distribution of fibers in the paper molded product to a certain extent. The mark of good molding is the uniformity of fiber distribution, which is a common molding quality item. It requires the same fiber concentration in a certain area selected arbitrarily on the egg tray. The closer the fiber distribution is to this ideal state, the more homogeneous it is. In fact, the non-directional arrangement and uniformity of fibers can only be achieved by applying sufficient agitation in a very dilute fiber suspension. It is manifested in the dynamic equilibrium of the diffusion of the fibers in all directions of the suspension. However, when the paper molded product is formed If the pulp concentration is too large or too small, it is difficult to achieve the uniformity of the egg tray. Therefore, friends have to work hard in this link to produce good quality egg trays.

The third point: to improve the professional skills of employees and form a positive and positive production team. Many bosses are paid daily for how many years they work. Do more and less work, and dirty work is the same. Egg tray is the king of production and quality. To win, the output must be increased under the premise of good quality, and scientific management is needed to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, advocate more work, more income, and pay more to technical experts. Only by retaining good employees who are willing to work hard to study technology can the boss save worry and effort and increase production capacity.

Fourth point: Introduce machinery and equipment and technology. When you are working on the project, you should fully investigate your surrounding market conditions, the scale of surrounding farming, and the production capacity of the types of machinery and equipment used by the peers in a radius of 100 kilometers. Indeed, the replacement of machinery and equipment is also very fast, every generation The new models are all upgrades on the basis of the previous generation, but you must fully consider your budget. It is not necessary to choose the most advanced and most expensive equipment to suit you, but your machines and craftsmanship should not lag behind and radiate from your surroundings. Competitive partners, then you stand on the same starting line, it depends on how you operate.

The egg tray market has a bright future. At the same time, more and more pulp molded products have been gradually derived in recent years. The egg tray is optimistic by most investors for its high return on investment and strong market demand. As long as the product quality is controlled by careful management, The project of producing egg trays will have a good return on investment!
Hu Hengchao (Hebei Haichuan Pulp Molding Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)